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In France, personal information is protected by bill n° 78-87 from January 6, 1978, n° 2004-801 from August 6, 2004, article L. 226-13 of the Penal Code and the European Directive from October 24, 1995. According to bill n°78-17 from January 6, 1978 relative to information technology, files and freedoms, the site RSS Sourcing has made a declaration to CNIL (rpZ1890829q - August, 12, 2016). While visiting this site the user might be requested to provide identification personal data (First, Last name, address, telephone number, email address,). The user provides this information knowingly, especially since it is provided by them. It is ultimately the User’s decision to share or not this information.

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According to articles 38 from bill 78-17 from January 6, 1978 relative to Information technology, files and freedoms, every user has a right to access, correct or deny personal data involved, by providing a written and signed request, with a copy of a piece of id with signature, indicating the address where the response should be sent to.

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User understands that part of the links included in this site are sent to content which is edited and the exclusive responsibility of their editors, and considering that it is impossible for Viedoc to verify the exhaustively the integrity all external content, especially news, covered by our topical monitoring. Viedoc is not responsible for content generated or published by third parties.

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